First Flatlay of the Beautiful Soft Peonies Stationery

peonies celebration of life-stationery

First Flatlay of the Beautiful Soft Peonies Stationery

The image features the Beautiful Soft Peonies bifold program (top), thank you card (bottom left), prayer card (center), memory card (bottom center) and laminated bookmark (bottom right).

I have tons of stationery samples. I’ve been collecting samples from every print job for years now. All of them still look great. I love archival paper for a reason. So with all this stationery lying around and a beautiful, DSLR (thank you hubby!), I’ve decided to give flatlay photography a try. I rummaged the house for my grandmother’s vintage pink tablecloth, her 70-year-old costume jewelry pearl choker, one of her hankies and my mom’s white shawl. And 1.5 hours later I have my first Cherished Prints photoshoot complete.

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