The Little Ship

The Little Ship Poem

The Little Ship

I stood watching as the little ship sailed out to sea.

The setting sun tinted his white sails with a golden light, and as he disappeared from sight, a voice at my side whispered, “He is gone.”

But the sea was a narrow one.

On the farther shore a little band of friends had gathered to watch and wait in happy expectation.

Suddenly they caught sight of the tiny sail and, at the very moment when my companion had whispered, “He is gone” a glad shout went up in joyous welcome,

“Here he comes!”

—Author Unknown

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5 thoughts on “The Little Ship

  1. Ralph Allen says:

    In the article dealing with rituals (Journal of the American society on Aging – Fall 2011 V.35 #3), The poem, “The Little Ship” is described as being ” …small, anonymously penned….” Here you appear to claim the author is Maria Shriver. Is something nound?

  2. Brenda Miernik says:

    Hello I am looking for a poem that I have and love.It is about a woman on a cruise and she sees an elderly woman in the passageway. It goes on to describe the lady and then from the ships intercom “Begin the Beguine” is played. The lady us unaware that the woman is watching her and she begins to dance – snapping her fingers, swiveled her hips, etc. She reaches the dining salon, collects herself and stepped soberly through the door. That is all I have and would love to have it all. Could you maybe help me? It came from a card.

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