Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Print Ready PDF and can I edit it myself?

A. My PDFs will come print ready and not editable. You supply Cherished Prints by email or order form the content and photos for the design you pick. I will then lay out everything for you and send you a draft to review and provide revisions and feedback. After the draft is approved, I will send the final art in PDF format with and without crop/trim marks and my suggested printing specs.

Q: What information does Cherished Prints need for the programs?

A. Check out the Cherished Prints Program Guide for everything you need to know.

Q. Why is the back/inside printing upside down?

A. Sometimes double sided printers default printing Head to Toe. You will need to select the Head to Head option when printing.

Head to Toe is a term used in duplex (double-sided) printing; meaning that the top or head of a document’s front side should match with the bottom or “toe” of the back side.

Q. How do I print double-sided at home?

A. Your printer will need to be able to print double sided which is called duplex. Your printer may have a duplexing tray specifically for printing double sided. Check your Owner’s Manual for more details. If it doesn’t have that feature, then you will want to print page 1 first then reinsert the paper into the print tray and print on the opposite side with page 2 of the final document art only. This is the easiest way to print at home if your printer does have the duplexing or double-sided printing capabilities.

Q. What paperweight do you suggest?

A. Cherished Prints uses Cougar Opaque. An uncoated 100lb cover (cardstock) fine paper with a smooth finish. FSC® Certified, SFI® Certified Sourcing, and Rainforest Alliance Certified™. Featuring 10% post-consumer recycled content and certified fiber, it’s the optimal environmental choice. Acid-free for archival quality.

If you are printing yourself, you should use the paperweight that is best for the printer or press being used. If you are printing at home check your owners manual. If you are having them printed ask the press operator/print provider their recommendations.