Cherished Prints offers fully personalizable and custom celebration of life, funeral, and memorial stationery.

My name is Melissa. I created Cherished Prints because I believe that life should be celebrated. It is my goal to create lasting memorials that can be treasured by my customers’ loved one’s family and friends for years to come. Thru Cherished Prints, I continue to draw inspiration from the compassion, love, and patience that I have learned from taking care of my cherished ones, watching hospice do the most incredible deeds, family, and my customers and their stories.


Christmas Eve of 2011, I received the most wonderful yet heartbreaking gift in the world. I became a full-time caregiver to my terminally ill mother, Madonna Fox, and stay-at-home mom to my 9-month-old son. I was able to spend 2 months with her mom before she passed away, learning as much as possible from her gentleness, sweetness, kindness, and generosity, while I gave her love, family, and as much comfort as possible.

Dandelion Celebration of Life ProgramAfter my mom passed from cancer on February 28, 2012, I looked online for a memorial announcement but was appalled by the outdated and poorly designed options available. After much reflection and soul searching, I designed the Dandelion Collection as much for her as for me though I didn’t know it at the time. I wanted to keep the design beautifully simple, clean, sweet, and a little wistful for things left undone. The end of my mom’s life was strongly marked by the beginning of my son’s. Thus, the wind blowing the dandelion seeds to start the next generation. This collection means a lot to Cherished Prints and to me; I put her heart and tears into designing it.

With the inspiration of my mother’s memorial stationery, I saw a need that wasn’t being met and created a line of beautifully and professionally designed celebration of life programs, invitations, thank you cards, prayer cards, bookmarks, and memory cards.

On March 6, 2012, I started my line of memorial stationery through an Etsy store with one listing—an memorial announcement. I was the first to offer funeral stationery on Etsy. On May 22, 2012, I sold my first listing and my second listing was the same customer looking for a matching program.  In 2015,  I launched the Cherished Prints’ online store and library collection of over 400 poems, songs, prayers to help customers to draw inspiration for your loved one’s memorials and celebration of life stationery. Now in 2016 and over 1200 sales strong, Cherished Prints is building upon what has been created and will bring new designs and continuted dedication to service.

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Our Staff

Melissa Fox-Austin


Owner and Designer

Melisa is based Sanford, Florida, and is the Owner & Designer of Cherished Prints. Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, went to Rollins College (Go Tars!), and now living in Sanford. Wife to high school sweetie and mother to brilliant son (Xander), and three cats (Sophie, Remy, and Shadow).

Current life goal is to make the perfect latte and travel more. In addition to owning and operating Cherished Prints, she is a freelance graphic designer for the food and beverage industry and has worked with clients all over the world.

Alex McKinney


Girl Friday

Certified chocoholic and simply essential to keeping Melissa sane. Also, a bit camera shy.